Alloway School Events at The Inn

Alloway school put a nice imprint on The Inn at Salem Country Club in the last 2 weeks. On Friday the 15th we had a retirement party for Debra Dilks, grade 6, 7 & 8 science teacher. Fellow teachers and family gathered for dinner and celebrating Debra’s milestone. Our Great Room was nicely decorated with butterfly accents and fresh cut flowers.

Then on Monday the 18th, we hosted the 8th grade dance for the Alloway Class of 2018. We often hear people reminiscing about prom and 8th grade dances at the old Country Club of Salem. Needless to say, we enjoyed having the energy of the 14-year olds here. The theme of the evening was ‘Shoot For The Stars’. DJ Jammin’ Jeff Rankin had a nice gig going with the kids playing ‘air’ guitars and a Photo Booth complemented the fun. Thanks to our Alloway supporters for choosing The Inn.