Life Celebrations

November 2023

Here at Salem River Inn, we showcase and talk about weddings a lot, but there is another event that is near and dear to our hearts … life celebrations.

Through wedding planning, or baby showers, we get to know our couples, their hopes and wishes for the future and the excitement surrounding these monumental milestones. However, there is something to be said about getting to know about your loved ones whom have passed. During the planning process of a life celebration, we are so fortunate to learn about the fun times, quirks, favorite stories and more. Even favorite meals or snacks, that get to have a shining moment on our buffet table! It’s in these intimate moments, that we are so privileged to help and host.

During the event, it’s our venue setup and location that always gets the most compliments from our event hosts. Your guests have the opportunity to step outside, listen to the flow of the river, the call of the birds, take a deep breath and embrace this peaceful space. It is this outdoor space that allows guests a private moment to grieve. Indoors, our intimate space gets filled with stories, laughter, tears and lots of hugs.

No one ever wants to have to think about the loss of a loved one, but if ever you find yourself in this position and you want a warm, inviting space to celebrate that person’s life, we hope you consider us. It is our honor to be part of all of life’s celebrations!