Military Promotion at The Inn

On Saturday, March 31st, 2018 Gwyn Parris-Atwell was promoted to Colonel and serving as a nurse in the United States Air Force Reserve. It was both an honor and a great pleasure to see the formalities take place at The Inn. The ceremony started with the National Anthem, sung by the boys choir Quin-Tones of Quinton and ended with Jerry Mejias, JROTC for the Air Force from Washington Township High School, playing the trumpet (U.S. Airforce Song) to salute the new Colonel.

After the ceremony, the Colonel’s family, friends and many colleagues had dinner, catered by Italian Kitchen. The evening was topped of with a party. The 5-man band, Uncle Betty, was amazing! All had a great time in honor of this impressive promotion. Congratulations Colonel Parris-Atwell!