A Beginner Gives Yoga a Try!

On Thursday evening I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try out my first Yoga class. I am so glad I did! The instructor, Rebekah Mulford owner of Bee Inspired Yoga (located in Woodstown, NJ) was absolutely fantastic as she lead us through a 75 minute class that ended with a breathtaking sunset. As a beginner, Rebakah made me feel comfortable, and watching skilled yogi’s in class left me feeling inspired.

Due to the impending storms, class was moved into the Great Room, we faced towards the water and had both glass doors slid open. We warmed up feeling the gorgeous breeze from the water! Once the doors were closed, we stood in our balance poses and Mother Nature showed us just how powerful her storms can be! As the electricity flickered, we watched the destruction outside and everyone couldn’t help but be in awe. As quickly as the storm began, it ended and just as class was wrapping up the sun set perfectly. The cotton candy skies lead for a peaceful ending.

My first class was a complete success and I truly look forward to the next one! If you are on the fence about trying yoga, please come join us for your first class on Thursday July 11th at 7pm. You won’t regret it!

As the yogi’s say- Namaste!

Caroline Little,
Marketing Specialist, Wedding Coordinator (and now Yoga enthusiast) at The Inn