Can’t Stop Their Love

The current global pandemic has rocked the wedding world, some couples still won’t let it stop their love and have gotten creative on ways to still get married. But for Alicia and Sylvia, it wasn’t just the pandemic that tried to uproot their big day, they also had to battle a wicked summer thunderstorm! After setting everything up outside for their ceremony, and delaying as long as possible we went for Plan C with an indoor ceremony! This lovely couple rolled with the punches, and they still got to celebrate the reason everyone gathered together, which was their love! We wish you many more years of love and happiness, and for you always to be able to weather any storm life throws your way! Photography by Dreadko Media LLC

Two brides kissing sitting outdoors at night

Two brides kissing and embracing

Bouquets sitting in crux of weathered tree

Silhouette of kissing brides