What A Year!

January 18, 2022

WHEW, it has almost been a year since we posted a new blog! And all we can say is, wow! What a year it has been!

To start, COVID restrictions have been lifted and we have been able to host at our full capacity. This lead the way for a LOT of wonderful celebrations!

2021 gave us more time to hone in on our craft, and bring you an exceptional experience. So what does that mean for your event?

Well let’s start off with Weddings! We are constantly doing our best to make sure your wedding is held to a high standard; we are always looking for ways to “do better”. This means that now our Wedding Packages include catering by only those on our approved catering list. We also only allowed DJ’s from our preferred list.

These changes have allowed us to make sure every wedding is an overall flawless (or as flawless as we have control of) event for you and your guests!

When it comes to small events, we have followed the same standards. We are not a hall, but an event venue. How does this set us apart? When you use one of our caterers, you can also add an event attendant. This person is your go-to! They make sure that food is served properly for all guests. And it also takes away the stress of cleaning and bussing tables during your event is a thing of the past.

We do still allow you to bring your own food, but this does add to the cost of the venue rental.

As always, you are able to decorate and make the event uniquely YOURS!

We look forward to this new year and celebrating all of life’s milestones!

If you are looking for a venue for your next event, contact us today!